Tourism & Culture
Action Plan

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Tourism & Culture
Action Plan

In order to ensure the sustainable development and sectoral diversity of Adana Province, it is carried out with the aim of supporting works in the culture and tourism sectors and developing related strategies and projects. To prepare ‘Adana Tourism and Culture Action Plan’ for sustainable economy.

Process design:

Planning the project setup and timing in relation to local actors, designing and planning method and field studies

  • Problem identification, analysis and inventory studies: Examining secondary data and conducting studies of different tourism types and culture, tourism inventory, current policy and capacity through actor meetings.
  • Determining the main actors, conducting joint studies with multi-disciplinary and layered participation. Studies for determining common problems, determination of the situation regarding tourism and cultural economy, current uses, tourism supply and demand.


Determining the strategies:
  • Tourism and culture oriented urban development strategies; Solution proposals to existing and potential problems, urban economic diversity and sustainable economy, determination of work, skills and capacity development. Discussing and evaluating the cooperation structures and financing models with application strategies in the whole city. Determining the roadmap for tourism and cultural economy and sustainable development.
  • Determination of actions: Determination of tourism and culture oriented urban development strategies, actions/projects. Determining the contents of tourism and cultural projects and preparing the implementation infrastructure. Application tools; Discussion and evaluation of projects to be developed with cooperation structures and financing models.

Project Information

Project Manager: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru Kerimoğlu

Project Coordinator: İpek Sabah Aynal

Project Stakeholders: Istanbul Technical University, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cultural And Social Affairs

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