The Story Of Our Logo

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Round Form: The colored round form used in the logo represents bringing together different disciplines with common sense. The movement and transformation of ideas as a whole is emphasized.

Vision, innovation, creativity and dynamism concepts defining the Şehircilik Atölyesi; are connected with the unification of the idea over 4 colors.

  • Showing the circle
  • Showing rings individually

Multi Color: The Reason of Using 4 Different Colors: Defines a formation that Dynamism, Innovation, Creativity, Vision concepts represent through a transdisciplinary community through ideas. At the same time, with the combination of 4 different colors, different ideas and talents are brought together in a round form, emphasizing the importance given to common mind and unifying.

Interpretation of Colors

Purple: It represents vision and wisdom. The fact that the purple color is a mixture of red and blue includes both warmth and coldness, neutralizing the colors in the logo as a whole and at the same time symbolizing institutionalism.

Yellow: It represents innovation, energy, happiness and warmth. It emphasizes the innovative working order and ideas of the Şehircilik Atölyesi. In addition, since the yellow color is in light tone, it is remarkable and visible.

Turquoise: It represents creativity and harmony. This defines the structure we define as transdisciplinary as part of a unique ring that combines harmony and creativity.

Pink: It represents dynamism and modernity. It emphasizes the new generation application tool feature of this dynamic structure that is tried to be created within the institution.

Yellow Ball: It defines the idea in the logo by combining with the yellow ball form, which represents innovation in color. By keeping it different from the general form, the unification of different perspectives and contrary thoughts through the workshop was emphasized.


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