Street Markets Compatible with
Social Distancing

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Street Markets with
Social Distancing

Cities are places that host all economic, social, cultural, geographical, education, health, infrastructure and political issues that we encounter in daily life and feel their effects on a global scale, and where their primary influence areas are felt. The coronavirus (covid-19) epidemic that the whole world has been trying to combat recently, reminds once again the importance of the road map that urban design dynamics should present within the scope of the problems that affect our living spaces at every scale and the studies to be developed in the way of solution. The effect of the virus, which creates serious changes in our lifestyles, habits and daily life, is felt in the cities the most intensly. The changes brought about by this process to crowded urban life, triggers the parameters that are closely related to urban planning. Ensuring that many planning and architectural design criteria, which should be considered but ignored, are now transformed into applications under the necessity of a sustainable and healthy life, will be the most important reflections of the process in urban life.

Urban design approaches to be developed in order to be a part of the solution in this process; Applications that can direct urban mobility and density have a critical importance especially for public spaces.

In this context, this project was carried out in order to control the density of people in the street markets and to provide a healthy circulation compatible with social distancing during epidemic days.

Project Information

Project Coordinator: İpek Sabah Aynal

Project Stakeholders: Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Infrastructure & Construction, Bekir Arslan

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