Adana Culinary Culture Center "Gastro Academy"

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Adana Culinary Culture Center "Gastro Academy"

The project, which we have prepared in order to raise sensitivity and awareness in the field of gastronomy, including our eating and drinking habits, which is one of the most important elements of our cultural heritage, and to make the gastronomic potential visible, is a center that will ensure the sustainability of Adana’s cuisine culture, transfer it to future generations and experience it.

The project consists of three separate modules: inspiration, practice, and experience.

  • A multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 117 people (213.80 m²), where training, seminars, events, and organizations will be held within the scope of the theme of ‘Inspiration Area’, a library to serve reading, research, and study (56.40 m²) and a documentation center (58.80 m²); a studio where cooking programs and the online training will be filmed (44.35 m²) and a gallery space where concrete outputs of culinary culture can be exhibited were designed.
  • Test kitchen (221.30 m²) with a capacity of 20 people, where hands-on training on dishes specific to our region will be given within the scope of the ‘Practice Area’ theme, a pastry studio with a capacity of 10 people (52.45 m²), a meat processing studio with a capacity of 6 people (43.50 m²) and a theoretical training class with a capacity of 20 people (58.25 m²) were designed.
  • Within the scope of the ‘Experience Area’ theme, a local restaurant (449.70 m²) that will accommodate our eating and drinking habits and will serve 164 people indoors and 100 people outdoors with its menu reflecting Adana’s culinary culture; a mini orchard where our cult from farm to table can be experienced, and a sales unit (48.90 m²) where products specific to the region, produced by local cooperatives, will be sold and promoted were designed.

Project Information

Project Manager: İpek Sabah Aynal

Project Architect: Meltem Menteş

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